Behandlung posttraumatischer Covid-19 Patienten, NET Therapie
Reisemedizin Weiterbildung auf dem Amanzonas in Brasilien
Grundkurs Reisemedizin auf dem Segelschiff Royal Clipper
seminare für mediziner mit skifahren
seminare für krankenhausärzte in new york
Radiologie Seminare
fortbildung für fachärzte auf reisen
Wir bilden und vermitteln Schiffsärzte
Medizin Seminare weltweit
Seminare mit Ärztepunkten
Ärzteseminare zum Machu Picchu
Seminare für Notärzte
Seminare für Ärze auf Reisen
Ärzteseminare auf Segelschiff
Notarztseminare für Ärzte
Ärzte Lehrgänge mit hohem Praxisbezug
ski medizin symposium st. moritz
Ärztepunkte für Golfmedizin
ärzteseminare auf kreuzfahrt
lehrgänge für ärzte auf dem schiff
facharzt seminare
seminare für krankenhaus ärzte
Schifsarztlehrgang mit Ärztepunkten
ärzteseminare in bayern
Wir oganisieren Ärztekongresse zuverlässig
facharztseminar auf dem schiff
seminare für radiologen

Continuing medical education for physicians in English

Ä is an international institute specializing in high-quality advanced training for doctors. We organize and conduct training courses for all medical specialties. On request, our Ärztereisebü also assumes the participant handling for medical congresses. You receive everything for your medical event reliably from one source.

The institute for continuing medical education is a Europe-wide leader in the organization and execution of high-quality training courses in travel medicine and tropical medicine. Our training courses are recognized by the Medical Council. This ensures that participants also receive the respective CME points (Continual Medical Education).

In addition, we can plan and organize your pharmaceutical congress safely and competently anywhere in the world. We can support your "fulfillment" from beginning to end in the planning and execution of your medical congress. Our doctors' travel agency team has over 20 years of professional experience and has access to all common and necessary computer reservation systems.

We are also happy to design individual and high-quality doctor trips for you. Regardless of whether you need a flight only, hotel, cruises, excursions or other additional services for your medical congress. Are you seeking contact to doctors in Germany? We will help you with your medical marketing and can quickly reach many German doctors by e-mail and fax.

We will be happy to support you in organizing your medical congress, your continuing medical education or your pharmaceutical event. You can use the medical chat on the bottom left, call us at (+49) 04202 955 1435 or send us an email to

Planning and implementation of continued medical education for physicians

Organization of medical congresses and pharmaceutical events

Procurement of medical speakers

Flight, hotel bookings for medical congresses

Organization and implementation of doctors' travel

Communication, invitation of German doctors

Continuing medical education for physicians in English

Organization and implementation of doctors' travel

Mediation of international doctors of travel medicine

Continuing medical education for physicians in English

CME credits